i believe

A Holocaust oratorio for today

i believe is about the power of faith during the Holocaust, at which time cruelty
and hatred reached 
unimaginable proportions. The words and music you will hear tell a story that must never be forgotten.






Zane is a composer / producer /
educator and the founder of the
Music Production program…

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A downloadable PDF version of Zane
Zalis’ résumé is available by clicking
the link below.



For all information regarding commissions,
conducting engagements, workshops, speaking,
upcoming shows, and media enquiries, please…

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musical works

“A creative process may begin with a flash of a new idea or with a hunch. It may just start as noodling around with a problem, getting some fresh ideas along the way. It’s a process not a single event, and genuine creative processes involve critical thinking as well as imaginative insights and fresh ideas”
Sir Ken Robinson 




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       i believe

i believe, an oratorio for today, is about
the power of faith during the Holocaust,
at which time cruelty and hatred reached…

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 murau international music festival 

The history of the Murau International Music
Festival began in 2006 when Zane Zalis, through
a series of coincidences, first came to Murau to…

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Zane has had over 200 recording studio
appearances as a session musician, arranger,
producer and composer. He is a composer…

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       method of teaching

The music production course content
is ideally broad and precise in nature.
Students are taught theory in a novel…

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 learning / teaching

Traditionally it has been the practice for
students to undertake theory lessons to
understand the inner workings of…

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 miles macdonell collegiate

In 1980 I was offered the position of
music director at MMC – it was a half-time
posting with the promise of…

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